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I was featured on

The Parchman Preacher
Clarion Review

Twists, turns, and suspense make a preacher’s murder mystery chilling.

Michael Thompson offers a tantalizing murder mystery filled with chilling explorations of hypocrisy, true faith, and small-town secrets. It’s about sin and redemption. It’s about the search for truth, in both the physical and spiritual realms. And it’s all wrapped up in a puzzle that keeps even skeptics on their toes. The Christian faith colors his work, which is an allegory inspired by the ministry of Christ. The writing is compelling with a plot that grows ever thicker and offers even ardent mystery fans delightfully unexpected twists and turns. The intrigue is well developed with well-placed clues and cliffhangers. The characters are multidimensional and fascinating. Even their descriptions add successfully to the mystery. The faith themes are so masterfully woven in that those who aren’t religious should simply find the novel to be top-notch suspense. It is, however, allegory — an important thing to note as some, unused to the form, may miss much of the richness. And those not familiar with the Christian faith will miss the depth that many of the author’s allusions add (such as one character being named Adam Davidson). However, they won’t miss a bit of the fun. This story is one for all lovers of mystery and suspense, and especially believers open to a bit of edge in the stories they read.~~
Diane Gardner
September 25, 2013
ForeWord Clarion Reviews

Linda Cochran wrote

The humor, intrigue, mystery, and surprise ending were so enjoyable for the short time I had to read last weekend. I loved the characters, good and bad. Being able to start and finish a book in the short time I had was wonderful. Many longer books I have started never got finished because I just didn’t have the time. Your novel was just perfect. The concept that we are “a soul that just happens to have a body” is one that that I am still thinking about. I laughed out loud, was curious, anxious, felt empathy for some, and wanted to take revenge on the evil doers. Lots of emotions were drawn out in such a short book! It is so wonderful to see someone use their God given talents in such a creative way. I look forward to your next adventure, and am already thinking of people who would enjoy your book as a Christmas present. Wishing you much success! Linda Cochran

Jack Hudson wrote

The Parchman Preacher is a superbly written story involving spiritual victory in spite of murder, deceit, and lust in a small town in the 1950’s. High stars for a christian story that reads like a thriller. jack hudson. Warm-Up Kills

BeeJoy wrote

This was spell binding and real. I love how honest it is and not fake. 100 awesome. Love and rated high.

D. S. Hale wrote

You weave an excellent tale, Michael! I love the intrigue you create in the first chapter. A good mystery! Your writing is clear and error free, and it flows easily which makes it an easy read. Giving you high stars!

Sheena Macleod wrote

I had Parchman Preacher to read. Excellent short pitch that drew me to read. Comments based on chapters 1-9. 
I could not stop reading this interesting book. A murder mystery, suspense and drama underlying a layer of narrative from the bible. Absolutely engrossing. 
I have my own thoughts about where this is heading – the preacher turning up out of the blue etc,….I laughed at the character of the postman, and some of the other narrative- such as- selecting the criteria for the new preacher, sending JJ off to do the business and then Martha interviewing the new preacher before allowing him to stay- all very well done. 
A well-told account that grips the imagination. What is going on? 
The characterisation is clever and well presented. A great range of characters/
Multi-layered and cleverly plotted. 
Very well done.
I did not make any edit suggestions- I merely enjoyed the flow of this story. 

High stars!

Elizabeth Kathleen wrote

What an excellent book! You’re a good writer and have included in a story the wonderful story of the redemptive power of Jesus Christ! I’m impressed. It was nice how the story of a redeemed woman was being told before he knew it was his mother. Good writing!
God bless you!!!
Elizabeth Kathleen, 
”The Sticks and Stones of Hannah Jones”
and “If Children are Cheaper by the Dozen, Can I Get a Discount on Six?”

CrazyChick wrote

Such a refreshing read, I am really enjoying it. It has been well edited and the writing flows well. I like the approach of the lost letters/notes and then Martha’s story. I will definitely read more but in the meantime on to my bookshelf. I see you have a publisher, will this be available as an ebook? So nice to read something without vulgarity or foul words.

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